Browsers Recommended for the Training Website

After Applying What is Described Below, Click...

Training Exercises Require the use of a Desktop or Laptop Computer.
When using a desktop or laptop to access the training website...
  Google Chrome is the recommended browser:
  1. Whenever Training materials refer to the use of a browser, Chrome is used.
  2. To Download and Install Chrome onto your Desktop Computer Click here

FireFox is an Alternative to the use of Chrome

To download and install Firefox click hereThen during use of Firefox...
When asked to confirm use of the Flash Plugin... Click

  Microsoft's Edge Browser (built into Windows 10) is another alternative

Use of Internet Explorer is Blocked at LMS Login.


Only The Above Mentioned Browsers Have Been Tested On The Training Site.
If you use a browser like SAFARI or OPERA, or any other browser, you might
    encounter difficulties viewing training materials.